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*** Graduate courses are offered through both Manhattan College and Brandman University (formerly known as Chapman University).
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The below course information is provided to demonstrate course objectives and the way in which they are delivered.

21st Century College and Career Skills
21st Century Classroom Technologies
21st Century Family Dynamics and the Effect on Student Achievement
Adolescent Brain and Behavior
Adolescent Addictions and Prevention
Adolescent Health Issues & School Health Policies
Anxiety Disorders and Students Today
The Autism Spectrum and Today's Classroom
APPR and the NYSED Teaching Standards
Body Image, Eating Disorders & Obesity
Building Parental Partnerships
Changing Minds: Using Growth Mindset to Encourage Student Development
Classroom Strategies of Differentiated Learning
Close Reading In Classroom Practice
The Common Core & Academic Vocabulary
Computer Utilization & Literacy
Cognition and the Classroom
Conflict Resolution and the Adolescent
Constructivism Applied in the Classroom
Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Education
Contemporary Literature of Adolescent Struggles

Coop-Learning Structures
Co-Teaching and Integrated Service Delivery for the ELL Classroom
Crafting Evidence Based Claims & Argumentative Writing
Cyberbullying & Internet Safety
Dangerous Trends in Adolescent Behavior
Differentiating the World Language Classroom
Dignity for All: Bully Legislation and School Initiatives
Drug Education Physical and Psychological Effects
Effective Feedback
Effects of Nutrition on the Student "Body"
Effects of the Mind Body Connection
Effective Instruction for Struggling Readers
Effective Classroom Management
Effective Strategies for the Dual Lang and Bilingual Learner
Effective Use of Portfolios

Embracing Diversity
Essential Questioning in Classroom Practice

Formative & Summative Assessments
Fostering a Culture for Learning
Habits of Mind
Human Sexuality and Adolescence
Impact of Substance Abuse on Education
Implementing Non-Fiction Rich Texts in the Content Area
Infusing Rigor Into Your Classroom
Instructional Strategies for Special Education
Instructional Needs of Neurodiverse Students
Instruction with Learner Outcomes in Mind
Interactive Notebooks
Integrated Co-Teaching in the Inclusion Classroom
Media Literacy Education
Mentoring the Educator
Peaceful Schools
Prevention and Mediation Strategies for School-based Student Conflict
Proactive Discipline Classroom Culture
Reading Strategies for All Teachers
RTI- Response to Intervention
Selecting Common Core Sources
Sexual Identity & Sexual Bullying
Strategies for the Struggling Student
Students With ADHD
STEAM Education
STEM and the next Generation
Supporting ELL Students
Supporting Students in Crisis
Teaching Gifted Students
Teaching Social Responsibility
Teaching With Graphic Organizers

The CC & Academic Vocabulary
The Humanistic Approach to Education

The Self-Driven Learner and Motivational Strategies
The Opioid Epidemic and Impact on Schools
Special Educational Instructional Strategies
Tech Effects on Student Behavior and Learning
Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child